With help from Ava Walters Cout and neurofeedback I was able to train my brain/system to better cope with a variety of symptoms that I have been experiencing in the last several years, including stress and internalized anger. I was again able to take interest in simple things like reading for pleasure. I even found that my sleep patterns - including the ability to fall asleep - improved through the treatments… It is difficult to describe the sessions as treatments as they were non-invasive, very relaxing and enjoyable. They included listening to music or playing simple video games or just watching a movie/show of my choice. I also believe that the success of the treatments was due to the friendly and professional expertise of Ava.


I was looking for some help with some issues that I had been dealing with and was recommended to Credit Valley Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback clinic by a colleague. Speaking with Ava helped me decide that the neurofeedback route was the best option to pursue in dealing with some of the issues I had been experiencing - issues such as irregular sleep, anxiety in social situations, sciatica, amongst many others.
I started noticing changes right from the first session. My sciatica was lessened as was nail biting. I felt calmer as well which helps with the anxiety. I did not notice any changes to my sleeping patterns until the fourth session but that came and made the following days much better as I was more rested and more aware of my surroundings than I have been over the last 20 years. It is still early in my treatments but I find them extremely helpful and lasting a lot longer as time progresses and there are more positive changes as I continue to pursue
this course of treatment.
Neurofeedback is an option I would highly recommend. Naturally, it would be in your best interests to discuss options with either Dan or Ava Couts but, as in my case, it was the best option for me and I am the better for it.
Prior to neurofeedback therapy, my life was one big bundle of nerves. I was constantly on guard for some sort of catastrophe. My blood pressure was sky high (despite being on medication to subdue it) and sleep was difficult. And then something wonderful happened. I had a bit of a breakdown and this brought me into contact with Ava and neurofeedback therapy. Within just a few sessions, my mind was at ease. It seems a small thing to say that I felt a profound sense of peace, but for someone who has never felt that sense of calm, this was a major breakthrough. Within a few more sessions, my heart rate calmed, my blood pressure settled, and I slept through the night. Then the worrying began to wane, and was replaced by clear thinking and a continued sense of calm. Now, when life brings me challenges, I find that I am able to cope much better. I still go for ‘tune-ups’ every so often because of the wonderful sense of peace that is elicited from the sessions. I always feel in safe, calm hands with Ava.


Before neurofeedback I found it hard to concentrate for any length of time. I was easily distracted and it took me a lot of time to complete tasks because of this. Daniel Cout recommended neurofeeback training and I was willing to try it because I had had enough. Within two weeks of starting training I started to feel the benefits. My ability to focus improved significantly… My energy level also went up because it only took me minutes to finish a task that previously took me several hours to complete. Neurofeedback was like getting my brain re-wired. I am now at peace with all the tasks I take on and my spouse finds me calmer because the frustration of taking too long to get things done is now gone. The result is that our relationship is better and I am at peace with the world around me and those in it. Thank you Dan.



My experience with neurofeedback has been very positive. From the beginning of the treatment I noticed a change in my mood and level of happiness. Each treatment has been a positive experience and doesn’t feel like treatment at all – watching entertaining movies as part of therapy is amazing. I am confident saying that neurofeedback training has made a very noticeable, positive change to my life.



I first started neurofeedback in January of 2017, and let me start by saying this is truly the first time I have had any progress with my mental health. I first came to Daniel Cout to explore ways to minimize ADHD in the classroom, as well as to help with my anxiety. I did 14 sessions of neurofeedback, and after just the first session I left with a feeling of “something working.” After 6 sessions my family, friends, and teachers all started to see a huge improvement in my attention span, and sense of calmness.
Daniel Cout has been the first psychotherapist to have provided me with the mental stability and performance I require to be successful and happier in my life. I can’t thank him enough, and would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to take prescription medicines for their symptoms, or for those who just find nothing is working for them. Neurofeedback is the future of psychotherapy.
I started doing the training about a year ago after several months of being in a severely depressive state. I’d been doing talk therapy since I was in elementary school, but it never really had any long lasting effects on my mood. So when I was told about this training, I was very excited to try it. I found my sessions to be very relaxing and found my mood and disposition was brightening up. Everyone around me noticed too. Overtime I have become so much more than what I was and I have begun to take control of my life. I honestly wish I had known about this sooner in my life, but I am glad I have it now.
I wanted to try neurofeedback after Ava explained how it worked. I have dealt with anxiety and depression for a long while and wasn’t able to slow myself. I raced from one thing to the next, both physically and mentally. At work, I was the ‘listen and advise’ go-to person. My personal life was also a problem… When I first started this treatment, I had to fight with myself to concentrate on the movie. I felt guilty sitting watching a movie during the day, my mind bounced around, my fingers were never still and my heart raced… At this time, I am now able to concentrate and enjoy the movie. My heart no longer races and my fingers are still. I no longer feel as reactive. I can empathize and move on. I now feel calm, peaceful and content. I am able to cope and enjoy what comes my way. I am fortunate to have neurofeedback treatment as part of my care.
While I have found talk therapy to be extremely instrumental in my personal growth, neurofeedback has incrementally helped me let go of certain fixations and triggers. Through neurofeedback I’ve made progress in alleviating some of the physical manifestations of my anxiety and have watched myself deal with stress in a more constructive way.
I’ve been receiving neurofeedback therapy for close to a year now and have found it to be very effective. My therapist recommended it to treat anxiety/depression. Some of my symptoms included a loss of appetite, sleeping issues, difficulty making decisions and anxiety. At first pessimistic about its effectiveness, I was shocked when I slept soundly after my first session. It’s not a quick fix. It does take time for symptoms to gradually disappear but what I did find was that I was calmer after each session. After a very difficult year, I’m grateful to be feeling like myself again.


I’ve been under the care of Daniel Cout for approximately 18 months. During this time the method of what most refer to as conventional therapy (share-listen-shift) was the routine. The dilemma with me was with making the ‘shift’. Years of deeply rooted physical, mental and verbal abuse had convinced me that this was my normal. I battled ‘normal’ with pain and anxiety, and all I desired was the ability to cope and go from seven bad days to five… Dan suggested neurofeedback. At this point I was desperate and put my faith in him. Granted it took a few treatments to find the right feedback frequency but I can confidently state that my before - anxiety, paranoia, fear/flight pain - shifted to resiliency, ability to rationalize, and reduction of angst. Therefore, for those ‘stuck’ in the ‘shift’, neurofeedback is worth trying.



Our experience with neurofeedback is extremely positive. Our teenager is journeying with depression, anxiety and PTSD. We have explored most avenues of help, each having reasonable credit. However, for our teenager, neurofeedback t – under the skillful guidance of Ava Walters Cout – has produced the best results. The shift of relief is steady and allows our teenager to explore newer positive parts of thinking. We are very excited and appreciative about the changes.
Neurofeedback changed my life. When I began I was too anxious to leave my house. Simple tasks like getting dressed or making myself breakfast were too overwhelming. Thanks to neurofeedback, these tasks have not only become doable but I’ve been able to embrace and participate in a whole other dimension of life because of my newly-found emotional resilience. I have moved across the country and made friends. I’ve been able to cope with all the new stresses and excitement that first-year university brings. Thank you Daniel and Ava for helping to facilitate this enormous improvement in my quality of life.