This is a note of immense gratitude for your wonderful experiential presentation to the teachers at Northern. You are gifted speakers and your individual styles complement each other. I love how you combine your understanding of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the Science of Calm with simple practices that can be done anywhere to experience immediate calm. It was wonderful to see the teachers experiencing the benefits of adding just a few minutes of calm to their daily experience. Imagine if the teachers are able to bring this practice into the classroom and the anxiety of ‘getting it right’ would be transformed into calm and creative learning! Thank you for your care and passion and for what you are doing to educate people about the Science of Calm.
— Northern Secondary School
Daniel’s presentation to the Family Practice Residents on the Science of Calm was fantastic. He has a nice style and the content was very relevant. He uses lots of excellent examples and is able to demonstrate the concepts he is trying to impart with his very calm and thoughtful manner.
— Jane Bowman
OT Reg. (Ont), Family Health Team, St. Joseph’s Hospital
The Science of Calm is particularly helpful for business people because it explains the ‘why’ behind the concept of mindfulness and provides practical ways to help focus one’s attention on what matters most, now.
— Alison Hope, Business & Communications Consultant
I learned a lot from attending the Science of Calm, in particular the way my body works when I start feeling anxious. Understanding that it is my body’s response to fear, allowed me to think logically when I came into contact with my anxiety again. My main takeaway from the seminar was that when I think about the past too much, I can start making myself feel a sense of depression, and when I think about the future, I get anxious. Practicing to live in the moment is difficult but when I am able to do so my worries and fears take a back seat. I can honestly say, attending the Science of Calm has left me with coping mechanisms I use daily.
— Attendee
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend your seminar and for all the valuable information. As a parent dealing with a child that suffers from anxiety, I walked away with information that I did not previously understand. Both the detail of the science delivered by Dan and then Ava’s ability to apply it to real life was like a light bulb going off in my head. It gave me insight and direction on how to better deal with situations going forward. Thanks again for sharing your expertise.
— Parent
I found the seminar to be very informative. Learning more about the science of the brain and how it affects our emotions was really enlightening. The practical ideas were so useful. Months later, I still find myself going back to the information I learned; it has changed the way in which I deal with things.
— Attendee
I thought I knew most of this stuff, having a medical background. I was surprised by how much I learned and how useful it is in my daily life. I find myself reflecting back often of the details of the seminar and doing things differently. This seminar was invaluable to me.”
— Medical Doctor