I have the greatest respect for the counselling work provided by Ava. In the relaxed atmosphere of her office, with sensitive yet forthright professionalism and a delightful, droll sense of humor, Ava enabled me to explore and re-evaluate my personal concerns and problems. With her expert guidance, I learned to utilize new skills and coping strategies. Through the ongoing process, I feel I’ve gained a greater sense of empowerment over my decision-making and life choices.
Feeling like we had no other options, my husband and I reluctantly made an appointment and went to see Ava. Neither of us had an idea what to expect, but after our first visit we noticed a difference in the way we were communicating. No marriage is perfect, but she really made us understand what is important in a relationship. I wish we had done this years ago. It has been extremely helpful to us!
When I went through a difficult emotional time six years ago, I turned to Ava for help and guidance. With her help I could better understand my emotional state. I did get through those times and still continue to seek out her help whenever I feel the need. When I do return for sessions, she always remembers my past and we continue where we left off. Almost like seeing an old friend. With her help, the difficult times in life are easier to understand. Everyone should have a therapist; the world would be a much better place.
I began attending therapy with Ava several years ago. With Ava I feel I have a safe, comfortable place to voice anything. I feel that I have someone who is focused on me, and is listening to my point of view without judgement. Therapy offers an opportunity for me to process my thoughts, receive feedback, guidance and direction when I feel I don’t know which path I want to take next. I still attend therapy, although not as often. Many of the issues that took me there originally are resolved in my mind. Today, I attend when I feel I want undisrupted time to focus on my life and review the direction I am headed next.




I shuffled into Daniel’s office like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. Missing most of my life pieces and the rest shattered, I was confident that there wasn’t much of a future in store for me. Within myself I gave one commitment; I’d attend every appointment we made. It didn’t take long before I realized that Daniel provided a safe, non-judgemental environment where personal thoughts and expressions could be shared and resolved. With his expertise, Daniel has the ability to choose the correct treatment modality, at the right time, to help me move forward in achieving my goals. Just as I need oxygen, nourishment and movement for my body, I needed and received clarity and release of the emotional hurdles to acquire a healthy mind. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone needing to breakthrough whatever challenges are stopping you from achieving your goals and moving forward in your life.
The first time I had a counselling session I was frightened. I knew that I needed help but I was very afraid that something was wrong with me. I really didn’t want to know what that was and certainly didn’t want anyone else to know about what I thought were deep, dark, secrets. Counselling has supported me going inward for my answers and it has given me a safe place to go when the world I live in doesn’t feel safe. In therapy, I have learned to surrender much of my less effective patterns of thinking and living and learn new ways that have brought more joy and happiness to my daily life. I am so grateful that this choice has been available to me. Thank you!
Therapy is not a ‘quick fix’. There are no magical solutions to life’s problems. But, I have learned how to deal better with my partner, my parents and other relationships in a healthy, productive way. I have gained a better understanding of why I and others behave as we do. I have examined and learned to cope with traumatic events that have weighed heavily on me. I have learned to accept what has happened and I have been able to move on. My self-esteem has improved and I have developed healthier patterns of behaviour.
I was in acute emotional pain when I was referred to Daniel Cout by my family physician. I had slipped into a depression after a massive accident that took three-and-a-half years to recover from. Physically and emotionally I needed to heal from the trauma. Daniel and I met each week to have time to explore the day-to-day issues I faced and then have time to get down to the more basic reasons for my depression. The therapy combined with the meds my doctor prescribed helped me to begin to feel hope for the future and acceptance for my new physical and emotional life circumstances. Daniel’s cognitive therapy and life coaching abilities have been invaluable. During my work with him, he has helped me to go back and undo things that were holding me back since I was a child, as well as dealing with daily issues and challenges around what I can and cannot do anymore. His commitment to me has been unwavering, resulting in one of the few relationships I have that I can emotionally trust with all parts of my life.